About Susyn Reeve

Expert Heart Healing coach and award winning author

When I was 14 years old, I wrote in my journal, What would the world be like if everyone Loved themselves? Little did I know then, that this question would be my North Star personally and professionally.

Now, decades later, I’m passionate about sharing what I know about living a life rooted in Love. Yes, this includes romantic love, and even more than romance, living a Whole Hearted Life is birthed when we fearlessly allow ourselves to be ourselves.

Why Heart Healing Coaching?
I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of people who courageously shared their deepest wounds and traumas as an expression of their commitment to live an authentic Whole Hearted Life.

Whether my clients are professionals whose lives looked envious from the outside, or women in the throes of financial, health, or relationship distress they all suffer from a deep seated I’m not enough belief about themselves. This belief was so potent that as soon as happiness knocked on the door of their heart, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors would be activated.

I had been very familiar with the I’m not enough territory. Many years ago, I realized that if I didn’t courageously heal my heart of the wounds of the past, then happiness would never be sustainable.


Healing our hearts is truly the last frontier that swings the door wide open to creating an authentic life of passion and purpose – valuing and sharing our unique gifts, talents, and skills for the highest good of all.

I’ve come to know, that whether your heart is armored to protect you from suffering in the future, or broken from repeated heart break of the past, you can heal the wounds of the past and Lovingly live a Whole Hearted Life.

Why Heart Healing & Creative Expression?
We are all artists and our greatest masterpiece is the life we create. While I’ve been creative most of my life, I had believed, for decades, that there needed to be a separation between my personal life that included my works of art and my professional life where I thought I had to prove that I was serious and smart.

This all changed when I felt stuck in my life in 2018. My clients praised me, but I was feeling drained more often than not. I took a $10.00 online mixed media art class and it was as tho’ I had been given a magic potion in the most beautiful goblet imaginable. I began to incorporate mixed media collage in work with my clients and workshops.


Today heart healing and creative expression form the basis of my work with clients, in workshops and retreats.



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