Working with Susyn 

  • Daily Heart Healing Wisdom delivered to you every morning:

    • an inspiring quote,

    • an easy action supporting the daily message

    • A Love Note to Myself to affirm throughout the day

  • Individual Heart Healing Coaching: If you answer, YES, to any of the following questions, then Coaching with Susyn is for you:

    • Are you ready to open your heart to love, peace of mind and happiness?

    • Are you eager to free yourself of self-sabotaging habits, but feel stuck, afraid, and just not sure how to proceed?

    • Are you ready to forgive yourself and others for the wounds of the past and experience more Love in the present?

    • Are you ready to live your “big dream” – for a book, business, move, new relationship and need help bringing it to life?

    • Are you feeling disconnected, isolated, and alone and desire to connect with your purpose and passion – with your North Star?

  • Mentoring for Therapists, Coaches and Clergy: through individual and group mentoring cultivate and expand your expertise in guiding your clients/community in living a wholehearted life of passion and purpose.

  •  One Year Mentoring Program: For people committed to opening their hearts and minds to being Mighty Expressions of Love. This deep work is aimed at:

    • Freeing your hearts and minds from the wounds of the past

    • Upgrading the software of your mind by waking-up to your self-sabotaging beliefs and installing from the inside-out a new program aligned with your heart’s song

    • Focusing on every arena of your life: Relationships (including your relationship with yourself), Health, Career/Calling and Money.

  • Leadership & Executive Development:  Drawing on my 40 years experience working with corporate executives in Fortune 100 companies and heart-centered entrepreneurs I develop individualized programs based on your specific needs.

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